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east century fraud


East Century Group Limited  ( ) Through several registered shell corporations and several Trading Websites with fictitious Directors, Addresses and Identifications in various countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore and USA has registered many bank accounts at various banks and has been engaged in Fake and Cloning of MetaTrader 4 and 5 Trading Platform signals for FOREX Trading to Commit Scams, Fraud and Money Laundering to Fund the Democracy Movement and protests in Hong Kong and the incitements of minority rights in China.

The money collected by Scams and Fraud is then paid in the forms of Cash to the leaders of the Democracy and Protest movements in Hong Kong and China and then those Cash Monies plus a commission of 25% is paid by the interested foreign parties by way of legitimate bank payments in the legitimate bank accounts of the people organizing and managing East Century Group Limited and other companies controlled by the same people as East Century Group Limited engaging in FOREX and online Trading.
It is estimated in the last 2 years in access of $60,000,000.00 USD was funneled to the leaders of Protests and Democracy movements in Hong Kong and the leaders of the Minority Rights Movement in China and still this criminal activity of the organizers of East Century Group Limited Is continuing.
Soon, more Proofs, Documents, Bank Accounts and Identities of the people along with their Cell Numbers and WeChat IDs which are behind this Massive International Money Laundering and Scam ( East Century Group Limited) Will be shared with the Members of Law Enforcement, Financial Regulators and Tax Agencies at Various affected Jurisdictions.
We sincerely ask the Chinese and Hong Kong Authorities including The Law Enforcement Agencies to Investigate these Criminal Activities by the Organized Crime engaged with FOREX and Online Trading to fund the Terrorism.

We Ask the Chinese Government to Investigate these Serious Reports

China’s Ministry of State Security

East Century Group LimitedIs an Organized Crime organization operating at least in 6 Countries around the Globe which Launders Dirty Cash by Funding The Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the Illegal Activities of the Chinese Muslim Minority.